Getting Started Guide – Tips For Newbies


Important tips to keep it simple and easy:

  • If possible use the same email address with all the accounts you open.
  • Gmail email accounts work best. Open a free Gmail account here.
  • If possible use the same username with all the accounts you open.
  • Do not use the same password with any of the accounts and change them often.
  • Keep very good records while you open your accounts. This will save you lots of time and aggravation later since you will have fewer sign-in problems, etc.

Open Free AlertPay Account Here
Open an AlertPay account if you do not already have one.

Newbie Tip: Most programs also use other payment processors like Liberty Reserve, Solid Trust Pay, Strict Pay, and Global Money Cards. It is fine if you want to use any of these instead of AlertPay. We think AlertPay is the best and easiest to use. It is not perfect but it seems to have the fewest problems. It will save you a lot of time to be able to use just one payment processor for all the programs. For more details about AlertPay go to this article.

Sign Up For The Free Almost Passive Newsletter

Sign up for the Almost Passive Newsletter (Upper right corner of this page). It is important to get the latest updates and alerts. We will also remind you about program specials, contests, and other information.

Newbie Tip: If you do not receive emails from any of the programs you sign up for or from us look in your spam folder. Take a few minutes to whitelist the domains you want to get emails from. If you are not sure how to whitelist a domain you will find instructions in the Help area of your email ISP. For our newsletter and communication from us, in most cases you simply need to add to your address book.

Open Club Asteria Account Here

After you sign up follow the instructions below.

Newbie Tip: 1. Login to your C-A account and read the “News”. If it is flashing it means that there is a new update and you will not be active or get paid until you read it. Click on each separate title to accomplish this.

2. Click “Compliance”. Enter your address and upload your official photo. (You do not need to enter anything else until you have withdrawn 600 do.llars or more.) You can use a photo from a driver’s license, passport, or any recent photo that would be similar to those. I just uploaded a head shot picture from my personal camera and it was accepted. After filling in this compliance information C-A will deposit 1 Asterio into your account.

3. To upgrade to Silver, Gold, or Network Director first fill in your Account ID for AlertPay, StormPay or both. You get 1 Asterio for each ID you enter.

As a Silver, Gold, or Network Director you can also purchase additional Asterios and start receiving a share of the weekly revenue and benefit even more from the power of compounding.

Don’t forget the current bonus they are offering. Purchase 250 or more Asterios within
14 days of your sign-up and C-A will add a 100% matching bonus to DOUBLE your account!

The revenue share commissions are posted every Thursday and cash withdrawal
requests are paid on Tuesdays. 

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