Club Asteria is the best almost passive income online!

Actually it is also the best totally passive income!  

revenue share Club Asteria Review 

Earn revenue each week with no recruiting required. We have been making money online for many years and this is the most exciting, solid, safe, and lucrative program that we have found. Club Asteria brings in outside income and then shares a large portion of the revenue with its Silver and Gold members.

Club Asteria Has a Great Future!

Andrea Lucas, CEO and Managing Director of Club Asteria:

  • Harvard graduate, PMD, MBA, CPA, CMC
  • Former Director of the World Bank
  • Managed 400+ projects for International Finance Comp
  • Negotiated funding for China, Philippines, Russia, and others
  • Joint ventures in Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic
  • Chair Person Asian Development Consortium Inc.
  • Published Author – “My Life Is a Mess But I Can Fix It”

There are three videos on the Club Asteria website. We encourage you to view those right away. One of the videos explains the money transfer going on all around the world. There are millions of expatriates that are searching for inexpensive ways to send money back to family members in their home countries. The companies that are now providing these services are charging excessive amounts in fees in this over 200 billion dollar market.

The money transfer market is extremely huge. Every year there is over $60 billion sent from U.S. families just to Latin American countries alone. C-A is now tapping into that market. The company has two primary goals. To help people make money and for individuals to save money from the high transfer fees.

Your Income Potential!

There are multiple ways to earn Asterios and cash:

What are Asterios?
Asterios are “points” and each one equals U.S. $1.

How do I earn Asterios?
Members can receive additional Asterios for filling out their profile and by joining or using any of the other programs, products or services. The amount of Asterios you receive for this varies.

Silver members pay $9.95 per month and receive 10 Asterios per month. Silver members also receive $4.50 cash every month for each active Silver or Gold member they refer.

Gold members pay $19.95 per month and receive 20 Asterios per month. Gold members receive more cash for referrals than Silver members. Gold members each month receive $4.50 for every Silver member and $9.50 for every Gold member they refer. This is residual income that you will earn each and every month.

It is not mandatory to make additional purchases but Silver and Gold members will receive revenue share commissions based on their total Asterios balance. Silver and Gold Members earn these Asterios/Cash revenue share commissions every week on Thursday. The revenue share varies and is up to 10% every week. After the revenue share percentage is determined 80% of that is added (compounded) to each member’s Asterios account and 20% is put in their cash account. You can use any of your cash funds to purchase additional Asterios or withdraw it after it is $10 or more.

The power of compounding is amazing but we always recommend getting your original seed money back before purchasing additional Asterios.

When your direct referrals make additional purchases you receive a 10% commission (Network directors receive up to 30%). As an example if your referral purchases $1,000 in Asterios you automatically receive $100. You can then use that to purchase more Asterios or request a cash withdrawal of the entire amount.

Network Directors have even more ways to earn money and these are well explained on the website. As a Network Director your income can go beyond $2000 – $5000 a month.



For a short time there is a great BONUS! Purchase $250 or more within 14 days of becoming a member and you will receive a 100% matching bonus! So if you purchase $250 in Asterios you will receive an additional 250 Asterios for a total of 500!

Many Products and Services


Club Asteria gives members extensive training, business tools, coaching, access to a discount shopping mall, multiple income opportunities, travel discounts, and more. Gold members have free access to over 10,000 e-books, tapes, videos, seminars, software, reports, audio recordings and more. Many, many of the digital downloads have resell rights if you also want an additional stream of income.

The most rewarding journey of your life!Your new way to financial independence!

P.S. If you need help with signing up please go to our Get Started Guide for assistance. 



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